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  • 2,5 dl frosne bringebær
  • 1 banan
  • 2,5 dl gresk yoghurt


Bland alle ingrediensene til en herlig iskrem uten tilsetningsstoffer eller søtningsmiddel!

Extra freshness, extra vitamins: NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers

When it comes to producing food that is fresh, full of taste and rich in nutritional value, nature has always known best. That is why the new NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers from Gorenje mimic the natural conditions by maintaining the photosynthesis process, controlling the humidity levels and providing fresher air. Additionally, Gorenje NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers have high energy ratings, ranging from A+ to A+++ and their modular and flexible design ensures they will suit every lifestyle perfectly.Les mer

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