The Induction Hob Needs Regular Attention

Find out how to clean and maintain your induction hob. Learn how to clean daily and use the scrapper and cleaning agents to remove stubborn dirt from your hob. Cleaning can go a long way to make your hob last longer.

The beauty of the induction hob is that it helps us heat and cook food with ease. But it also requires something back. You guessed right – regular cleaning. Otherwise, all remaining impurities will burn onto the hot surface the next time you use the induction hob. Gorenje doesn’t just manufacture household appliances that make your life simplified, we also do “chores simplified”. Today, we aim to teach you how to properly clean your induction hob.

It comes as no surprise that the glass-ceramic hob surface needs regular cleaning. How do you keep it clean, you ask? Here are some tips from Gorenje masters.

Clean before and after use

Being attentive to your induction hob will pay off with less cleaning. A few simple moves will do. Firstly, wipe off the dust or any other impurities that could scratch the surface, from both the hob and the pan bottom before each use. Use a damp soft cloth to remove minor impurities. Then, wipe the surface dry. This way you will minimize the chances of getting dirt onto the induction hob surface.

Immediate cleanup

If there is dirt on the glass-ceramic hob surface, clean it up immediately. Provided the surface is not hot anymore, as nobody wants to get burned. This way you can avoid any extra work later on. Especially spills and small stains should be cleaned as quickly as possible. You can use a damp sponge or a soft cloth coupled with warm soapy water to wipe up any stains. Cloths made from microfibers will deliver better cleaning results.

It is also a good idea to use special care products that create a protective film on the surface to prevent the dirt from sticking onto it.

Help, there’s stubborn dirt

No matter how stubborn the dirt on your induction hob is, please avoid using aggressive spray cleaners or descaling agents as they can damage the glass-ceramic surface (or at least its coating). The not-easy-to-remove stains call for the use of special glass-ceramic cleaners. In this case it is advisable to observe the manufacturer’s instructions.

Enter the scraper

For tougher, caked-on or burnt-on food stains, you may need to use a razor or, even better, a scraper. These should only be used when the softer methods (wet cloth and special cleaner) aren’t successful. Experts advise that users purchase the scraper directly from the hob manufacturer and use it with extreme caution so as not to cause damage to the glass surface of the appliance.

How to handle the scraper, you ask? Hold the scraper at an angle of about 45° to 60° and gently press the scraper against the glass and slide it over the signage to remove the dirt. Please remember not to press the scraper perpendicularly against the glass and not to scratch the hob surface with its tip or blade.

Induction hobs hate sugar

While lots of people crave sugar, it is bad for our induction hobs. Any sugar or sugar-laden food should be immediately removed from the glass-ceramic hob using a scraper, even if the hob is still hot, as sugar may permanently damage the glass-ceramic surface. Also, steel wool, coarse cleaning sponges, and abrasive powders may scratch the surface too, so they are best avoided.

Vinegar does magic with water stains

Water stains on the cookware can easily be removed with a mild solution of vinegar. However, do not use this solution to wipe the frame of the induction hob as it may lose its sheen. When using any kind of cleaners please make sure to thoroughly remove any cleaner residues after the cleaning process as they may damage the glass-ceramic surface when the cooking zones heat up.

Install a kitchen hood

Installing a good and powerful kitchen hood will also help you keep the induction hob clean. By removing particles from the air, the hood will reduce the amount of dirt available to collect on hob surfaces and drastically reduce the amount of cleaning required. Therefore, just turn on the kitchen hood when using the induction hob.

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