Life simplified blog

Gorenje is more than home appliances. As a brand we live in the heart of home and daily home living. That is why our mission is to play a vital role in making daily life and chores that come with it, a little easier, less complicated and more pleasant. We believe that every innovation we provide, has to have a simplifying purpose, to make life’s biggest milestones or the smallest everyday moments smoother.

The Life Simplified blog brings tips & tricks, recipes and interior design inspiration to everyone that needs a touch of simplicity in their life. If you’re seeking to create more time and breathing space in your day, you have come to the right place. We know less can often be more, but we are not about minimalism. We are about balance. About the small changes that deliver the greatest results: a tasty dinner, a crisp shirt, a cosy home, a happy family.

Embrace Simplicity. Embrace Life.