Knock, knock, who’s there? The Ultraclean dishwashers!

Mom and son doing dishes in a Gorenje UltraClean dishwasher.

We figured you probably don’t want to read yet another article about the amazing features of Gorenje UltraClean generation of dishwashers. Because although they will make dishwashing ultra easy, fast, and efficient, they are still rather technical, and technical articles are in danger of losing the reading audience more quickly. So we wondered how we could present the functions in a more interesting way. Without further ado, can we interest you in dishwasher jokes?

Joke no. 1

“Wife: Did you forget to empty the dishwasher?
Husband, sipping coffee from a vase: No, why?”

Is this really a joke or is it a true story? We’ve all been there … we either forgot to empty the dishwasher (or pretended to forget) or we started doing so only to find the plates, glasses, and pans still contain evidence of last night’s dinner on them.

For the UltraClean dishwashers, perfect hygiene is no joke and the dishes don’t come out clean, but ultra-clean. You don’t have to worry about any invisible bacteria or finding left-over food anywhere else but in the fridge. The programme ExtraHygiene with UV technology uses high temperatures that eliminate 99,9 % of bacteria (that remaining 0,1 % probably goes down the drain) from rinsing water and leave your dishes sterilized. You can use the UV light function in combination with all programmes – Eco, Auto, Intensive, Daily, Night, and Hygiene programme.

Joke no. 2

“Mum, after telling her kids three times: Why isn’t the dishwasher running!?
Kids: Because it doesn’t have any feet!”

When the dishes are washed, family members usually argue about who’s going to empty the dishwasher. One of the reasons why people dislike the chore is because of the water drops that remain on the dishes. So instead of just emptying the dishwasher, which takes a couple of minutes, you need a cloth to completely dry them. And before you know it, 15 minutes have gone by and you are left wondering, if those water drops were really free of bacteria or detergent.

With UltraClean dishwashers and their SmartUltraDry technology the dishes will come out so dry you would think they weren’t washed with water at all. Integrated fans that activate after each washing cycle transform hot steam into water which is then directed back to the tube. To enhance this ultra-drying process, the dishwasher door also automatically opens slightly, letting fresh air in and drying all the dishes (even plastic ones) to perfection – no one will be running away from emptying the dishwasher again.

Joke no. 3

Man: My wife asked if I knew how to turn on the dishwasher … I told her I would try flowers and candy.

It happens to all of us. We load the dishwasher and then forget to turn it on when leaving for work. The UltraClean dishwashers enable you to control, manage and monitor their actions with our ConnectLife app on your mobile device. You can activate programmes, set special functions, and get notified when the washing cycle ends, or the detergent runs out.

Had enough of our jokes? Let’s get serious, then! Our UltraClean dishwashers come with other smart functions, too many to list. Well, maybe we have time for just three more … the GV672C62 can wash up to 16 place settings at a time, the GV671C60 has a 15 minutes SpeedWash programme, and the GV651C60 will use 10 times less water washing dishes compared to washing them by hand.


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