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How do you choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen?

Nasveti in namigi, kako čim bolje izkoristiti zamrzovalnik

Choosing household appliances can be a daunting task. And choosing the right refrigerator is no exception. It involves a major investment and, at the same time, it is one of the most important appliances in the house. It is therefore crucial that you choose a fridge that will seem as though it was tailor-made just for you. And it truly makes a difference whether you choose a built-in or a free-standing refrigerator, with a freezer or without. Nowadays, we are spoiled for choice, and every fridge has its advantages and special features. We have selected some key features which you should know about in the process of choosing the perfect fridge for you.

The pros and cons of a built-in refrigerator

An integrated fridge is made so that we can attach wooden fronts, usually to match other kitchen cabinets, to its door. In this manner, the fridge, just like the dishwasher, is entirely concealed and adapted to the colour and design of the kitchen. This is also its major advantage. Fortunately there are many different models of built-in refrigerators to satisfy the manifold needs of various users and don’t solely concern aesthetics.

A built-in refrigerator without a freezer
If you don’t really need a freezer, a large built-in fridge measuring up to 178 cm in height can provide you with an abundant supply of cool food and drinks. If it has a practical layout, its interior offers plenty of space. It is therefore advisable to check what type of drawers, shelves and other storing surfaces are available. Among the commonly indispensable elements are for example bottle racks, spacious drawers in the fridge’s door complemented by lids and boxes which can be used for various purposes, and drawers especially adapted to storing vegetables or meat. When it comes to a fridge, smart functions undoubtedly come in handy, such as the warning alarm if you leave the door open for too long, LED lighting and smart air circulation that keeps your food fresh longer. You can choose such a model if you actually have a chest freezer within easy reach; otherwise, it may happen that you quickly notice an absence of at least one small drawer to store ice cream or ice cubes in it.

A built-in refrigerator with a freezer
The most popular model of fridge is of course a built-in fridge freezer that comes in many versions. Its freezing compartment can be either a great deal smaller than the cooling compartment or their capacity can be similar.
Fridge freezers usually have the freezer compartment at the top only when it occupies a smaller part of the entire fridge volume. There is just enough space in it to store a few items that you need at hand (ice cream, ice, a bag of frozen vegetables, a piece of meat). It is, however, not suitable for storing larger supplies. It is suitable for spaces where we don’t stay for a long time, such as holiday homes or apartments.

Upright refrigerators that combine the cooling and freezing compartments are usually made so that the freezing compartment occupies the bottom part of it, mainly because we don’t open it as frequently and thus don’t need to bend down many times a day. These compartments usually contain 3 to 4 drawers providing enough space for a substantial supply of frozen food. Some include drawers for fast freezing and programmes that can detect a rise in temperature and automatically intensify the cooling of its contents.

This kind of a fridge freezer is an excellent compromise if you don’t have the space for a larger fridge or freezer chest in your apartment. Although, if you prefer to have more substantial supplies of food, you’ll have to consider a better solution.

A built-in undercounter refrigerator
This is a smaller fridge that is installed under the countertop, just like the dishwasher. You can find it under the name undercounter refrigerator. It is around 82cm high and has a 120 l capacity. It is designed for making the most out of small domestic kitchens or for furnishing an office kitchen. This means that it seamlessly blends with the remaining furniture and that no one even notices it, while it simultaneously offers the same comfort as a larger refrigerator. A superb solution is to install models Side-by-Side, which means that we can install it right next to an undercounter freezer and thus gain an entirely functional pair that can easily match up to a classic refrigerator. With it you can furnish mobile houses, holiday homes, apartments and study bedrooms where one must truly make the most out of every centimetre of space. And if you’re really tight for space, this fridge is immensely valuable.


The pros and cons of a freestanding refrigerator

The biggest advantage of a freestanding or a stand-alone fridge is exactly this – you can put it wherever you want to. It doesn’t have to be integrated, and you can start using it straight away. It is true, however, that it occupies a little more space and that, due to its size, it will become the centre of the kitchen. And this is precisely where another of its advantages lies. A refrigerator with a high-end design can become an attractive addition to the space where you place it. White is a classic colour but is nowadays often complemented by silver and black. And if you peruse the options a little more, you will also find vibrant, colourful, personalised and retro fridges that appeal to fans of the Volkswagen brand.

A freestanding refrigerator with or without a freezer
Just as with the built-in fridge, we also have to think carefully whether a freestanding fridge without a freezer compartment will suffice or whether we need a small freezer. The Gorenje Retro Collection includes fridges that measure around 180cm in height and have a 25 litre freezer compartment. This is enough for a few basic frozen food items, and the entire freezing compartment is hidden behind a single, beautiful colour door. In the Retro Collection you can also find fridges with the Volkswagen logo and larger fridges that measure 185cm in height with a capacity that will fulfil the needs of even the largest families – 307 litres.

A freestanding fridge without a freezer is an ideal choice if you need to place it in a pantry or cellar where you can freely move it around. It provides an incredible volume for storing food and also features interesting solutions for internal organising.

The most practical appliance in a kitchen is undoubtedly a freestanding fridge freezer, which provides you with enough space in the cooling compartment and also ensures that you can stock up on frozen food. In this way you will always have everything you need at hand and, at the same, avoid frequent visits to the cellar, pantry or a shop.
If you opt for a freestanding fridge, you’ll be able to turn its metal door into the ever popular space for fridge magnets and family notes that can bring a healthy dose of playfulness to your kitchen.

American refrigerator
It seems as though the Americans have a different kind of tape measure compared to Europeans. Everything appears wider, longer, taller… larger. And fridges are certainly no exception. For large families and all lovers of comfort, we also offer American fridges. They feature a double door, plenty of space and a sizeable freezing compartment at the bottom. And precisely because the trend dictates that all kitchen appliances should be concealed behind matching kitchen fronts, such a fridge is more than a perfect choice. If you have enough space, definitely consider the American fridge. Usually, people more often regret buying too small a fridge than buying an oversized one.


Fridge features that you should know

Width, height and depth are basic measurements that you need to consider when purchasing a new fridge. This is particularly important for built-in fridges where the installation also depends on the measurements of the kitchen.

The capacity of cooling and freezing compartments is measured in litres. Always check these numbers because the outside measurements of the fridge can be misleading. Find the best possible compromise between the outside measurements which you can fit in your space and the desired internal volume.

Annual consumption of energy
You can always check the estimated annual energy consumption of your chosen refrigerator model. The fewer KWh it consumes, the more energy it saves.

Energy class
Similar to other household appliances, we also sort refrigerators into seven classes, from A to G, depending on their energy efficiency. Class A is the most energy efficient, while class G is the least efficient. We recommend purchasing appliances that save as much energy as possible, i.e. A, A++ or even A+++, and, of course, you can find them in our line.

Noise level
During operation, fridges produce all kinds of interesting noises which are entirely normal. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you know how loud your chosen model is before you purchase it, especially if you intend to place in a central living space where the kitchen and the living room merge into one.

Inverter Compressor
Inverter technology enables optimal operation of a fridge, which means that it turns on and off less often and uses less electricity. We should also not overlook the fact that devices with this technology have a considerably longer life span.

NoFrost Plus
This system in the freezer prevents the accumulation of ice because it efficiently circulates cold air and dehumidifies it with the help of a ventilator. Since there is no moisture, ice or frost doesn’t form on food. The NoFrost Plus system provides just the right level of moisture and prevents fresh produce from drying out.

ZeroZone drawer
An extremely practical drawer with the lowest temperature is ideal for storing fresh meat or seafood while being marinated for several hours.

AdapTech technology
Frequent opening of the door causes a sudden rise in temperature, thereby exposing food to a thermal shock and possibly making it perish sooner. The AdapTech technology monitors the frequency of door opening in the first week of refrigerator use. When the system senses when the refrigerator door is opened most frequently, it automatically lowers the temperature by 1 to 2 °C prior to such time.

By activating the intensive cooling function SuperCool, the fridge provides intensive cooling of less than 3 °C for up to 6 hours. This function is ideal for rapid cooling of food after major shopping trips.

SimpleSlide shelves
Installing the shelves in the door of new Gorenje fridges is extremely simple, even if they’re full. The SimpleSlide method allows you to simply move them up and down, depending on how much space you need.

XtremeFreeze drawer
This function freezes food twice as fast as usual, at –30 °C. Food that is frozen extremely fast preserves all its nutrients and its genuine flavour.

LED lighting in fridges brings two exceptional benefits – a sleek look and efficiency. In addition to providing superior lighting, it is also very efficient and saves more energy than conventional light bulbs.

To freeze larger amounts of fresh food really fast, you can use the function for fast freezing, which is suitable for storing food after major shopping trips. The fridge will operate more intensively at –24 °C.

CrispZone drawer
This drawer keeps fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer. Its efficiency will save you money and, at the same time, you won’t have to discard any food.

Controlling the level of humidity is crucial in the drawer containing fruit and vegetables because it helps prevent them from perishing. You can fully rely on a refrigerator with this function – it will preserve the freshness of your food for a very long time.

Multiflow 360°: multi-point 3D air circulation
Air circulation is also crucial for preserving the freshness of food. The Multiflow 360° function blows air through multiple points along the entire height of the fridge, prolonging the freshness of food.

Gorenje refrigerators for everyone

The Gorenje collection of large household appliances includes all types of fridges: from freestanding to built-in.Why choose Gorenje? Because our appliances are much more than just appliances. With you always in mind, we develop innovative products that will both simplify your life and make it more pleasant. We, through our products, pride ourselves on:

Designer lines
Say goodbye to the ordinary. The world of Gorenje refrigerators brings you everything from classic to fascinating, with unusual exterior appearances and exceptionally practical solutions in the interior of our appliances.

Awards for original designs
The Red Dot, +X and many other awards serve as proof that our products are truly beautiful as well as functional. We believe that you will simultaneously enjoy the appearance and use of your new appliance.

Support and customer service
Gorenje domestic appliances help you perform your daily tasks faster, better and with more pleasure. For an even better experience, you can choose one of the available wizards who will make sure that your food is stored in a manner that prolongs its freshness. If you wish the wizards to be tailored to your appliances, register your new products on the Gorenje website.

Why would you want to register your product at all?

Registration unlocks simple access to support for your product, you can verify your warranty whenever you want, and all the details about your appliances are gathered in one place. Among other things, this is where you can easily submit a servicing request. To register your product, you only need the name of your product model, serial number and the date of purchase. Registration is carried out in three simple steps, and then you’re on your way to safe and, above all, enjoyable use of your product.

For 70 years, Gorenje has been producing household appliances that simplify your life with innovative solutions. Through these years we have been a part of your family, which means that we have grown deeply familiar with your habits and wishes. Therefore, we can produce exactly the kind of appliances you want. With our refrigerator, you can add a masterful touch to your kitchen. It can exude your elegance, finesse, playfulness and individuality. Our appliances are simple and intuitive, and they include only the best our knowledge has to offer. We are happy to be able to share our high-end technology with you during your special moments. Gorenje refrigerators add a touch of freshness to your home that is in a class of its own.

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